Ip TypeΒΆ

An ip mapping type allows to store _ipv4_ addresses in a numeric form allowing to easily sort, and range query it (using ip values).

The following table lists all the attributes that can be used with an ip type:

Attribute Description
index_name The name of the field that will be stored in the index. Defaults to the property/field name.
store Set to yes the store actual field in the index, no to not store it. Defaults to no (note, the JSON document itself is stored, and it can be retrieved from it).
index Set to no if the value should not be indexed. In this case, store should be set to yes, since if its not indexed and not stored, there is nothing to do with it.
precision_step The precision step (number of terms generated for each number value). Defaults to 4.
boost The boost value. Defaults to 1.0.
null_value When there is a (JSON) null value for the field, use the null_value as the field value. Defaults to not adding the field at all.
include_in_all Should the field be included in the _all field (if enabled). Defaults to true or to the parent object type setting.