Flt Field QueryΒΆ

The fuzzy_like_this_field query is the same as the fuzzy_like_this query, except that it runs against a single field. It provides nicer query DSL over the generic fuzzy_like_this query, and support typed fields query (automatically wraps typed fields with type filter to match only on the specific type).

    "fuzzy_like_this_field" : {
        "name.first" : {
            "like_text" : "text like this one",
            "max_query_terms" : 12
fuzzy_like_this_field can be shortened to flt_field.

The fuzzy_like_this_field top level parameters include:

Parameter Description
like_text The text to find documents like it, required.
ignore_tf Should term frequency be ignored. Defaults to false.
max_query_terms The maximum number of query terms that will be included in any generated query. Defaults to 25.
min_similarity The minimum similarity of the term variants. Defaults to 0.5.
prefix_length Length of required common prefix on variant terms. Defaults to 0.
boost Sets the boost value of the query. Defaults to 1.0.
analyzer The analyzer that will be used to analyze the text. Defaults to the analyzer associated with the field.