Dir LayoutΒΆ

The directory layout of an installation is as follows:

Type Description Default Location Setting
home Home of elasticsearch installation   path.home
bin Binary scripts including elasticsearch to start a node {path.home}/bin  
conf Configuration files including elasticsearch.yml {path.home}/config path.conf
data The location of the data files of each index / shard allocated on the node. Can hold multiple locations. {path.home}/data path.data
work Temporal files that are used by different nodes. {path.home}/work path.work
logs Log files location {path.home}/logs path.logs

The multiple data locations allows to stripe it. The striping is simple, placing whole files in one of the locations, and deciding where to place the file based on the location with greatest free space. Note, there is no multiple copies of the same data, in that, its similar to RAID 0. Though simple, it should provide a good solution for people that don’t want to mess with raids and the like. Here is how it is configured:

path.data: /mnt/first,/mnt/second

Or the in an array format:

path.data: [“/mnt/first”, “/mnt/second”]