Indexing data

Before query data you should put some data in ElasticSearch.

Creating a connection:

>>> from pyes import *
>>> conn = ES('')

Create an index

>>> conn.create_index("test-index")

Putting some document type.

>>> mapping = { u'parsedtext': {'boost': 1.0,
                      'index': 'analyzed',
                      'store': 'yes',
                      'type': u'string',
                      "term_vector" : "with_positions_offsets"},
              u'name': {'boost': 1.0,
                         'index': 'analyzed',
                         'store': 'yes',
                         'type': u'string',
                         "term_vector" : "with_positions_offsets"},
              u'title': {'boost': 1.0,
                         'index': 'analyzed',
                         'store': 'yes',
                         'type': u'string',
                         "term_vector" : "with_positions_offsets"},
              u'pos': {'store': 'yes',
                         'type': u'integer'},
              u'uuid': {'boost': 1.0,
                        'index': 'not_analyzed',
                        'store': 'yes',
                        'type': u'string'}}
>>> conn.put_mapping("test-type", {'properties':mapping}, ["test-index"])
>>> conn.put_mapping("test-type2", {"_parent" : {"type" : "test-type"}}, ["test-index"])

Index some data:

>>> conn.index({"name":"Joe Tester", "parsedtext":"Joe Testere nice guy", "uuid":"11111", "position":1}, "test-index", "test-type", 1)
>>> conn.index({"name":"data1", "value":"value1"}, "test-index", "test-type2", 1, parent=1)
>>> conn.index({"name":"Bill Baloney", "parsedtext":"Bill Testere nice guy", "uuid":"22222", "position":2}, "test-index", "test-type", 2)
>>> conn.index({"name":"data2", "value":"value2"}, "test-index", "test-type2", 2, parent=2)
>>> conn.index({"name":"Bill Clinton", "parsedtext":"""Bill is not
             nice guy""", "uuid":"33333", "position":3}, "test-index", "test-type", 3)

TIP: you can define default search indices setting the default_indices variable.

>>> conn.default_indices=["test-index"]

TIP: Remember to refresh the index before query to obtain latest insert document

>>> conn.refresh()


You can query ES with :

  • a Query object or derivative
  • a Search object or derivative
  • a dict
  • a json string

A Query wrapped in a Search it’s the more safe and simple way.

Execute a query

>>> q = TermQuery("name", "joe")
>>> results = self.conn.search(query = q)

Iterate on results:

>>> for r in results:
>>>    print r

For more examples looks at the tests.